We track a total of 155 different funds within the Vanguard Mutual Funds family. Vanguard Mutual Funds is family of mutual funds.

Symbol Name
VAIPX Inflation-Protected Securities Admiral Shares
VASGX LifeStrategy Growth
VASIX LifeStrategy Income
VASVX Selected Value
VBIAX Balanced Index Admiral Shares
VBILX Intermediate-Term Bond Index Admiral Shares
VBIRX Short-Term Bond Index Admiral Shares
VBLTX Long-Term Bond Index
VBTLX Total Bond Market Index Admiral Shares
VCADX California Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VCAIX California Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt
VCDAX Consumer Discretionary Index Admiral Shares
VCITX California Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VCLAX California Long-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VCSAX Consumer Staples Index Admiral Shares
VCVLX Capital Value
VCVSX Convertible Securities
VDADX Dividend Appreciation Index Admiral Shares
VDEQX Diversified Equity
VDIGX Dividend Growth
VEIPX Equity Income
VEIRX Equity Income Admiral Shares
VEMAX Emerging Markets Stock Index Admiral Shares
VENAX Energy Index Admiral Shares
VEUSX European Stock Index Admiral Shares
VEVFX Explorer Value
VEXAX Extended Market Index Admiral Shares
VEXPX Explorer
VEXRX Explorer Admiral Shares
VFAIX Financials Index Admiral Shares
VFFVX Target Retirement 2055
VFIAX 500 Index Admiral Shares
VFICX Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade
VFIDX Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Admiral Shares
VFIFX Target Retirement 2050
VFIJX GNMA Admiral Shares
VFIRX Short-Term Treasury Admiral Shares
VFISX Short-Term Treasury
VFITX Intermediate-Term Treasury
VFIUX Intermediate-Term Treasury Admiral Shares
VFORX Target Retirement 2040
VFSTX Short-Term Investment-Grade
VFSUX Short-Term Investment-Grade Admiral Shares
VFSVX FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index
VFTSX FTSE Social Index
VFWAX FTSE All-World ex-US Index Admiral
VGAVX Emerging Markets Government Bond Index Admiral Shares Purchase Fee: 0.75%
VGELX Energy Admiral Shares
VGENX Energy
VGHAX Health Care Admiral Shares
VGHCX Health Care
VGIAX Growth and Income Admiral Shares
VGPMX Precious Metals and Mining
VGRLX Global ex-U.S. Real Estate Index Admiral Shares Purchase Fee: 0.25% Redemption Fee: 0.25%
VGSLX REIT Index Admiral Shares
VHCIX Health Care Index Admiral Shares
VHDYX High Dividend Yield Index
VHGEX Global Equity
VMVAX Mid-Cap Value Index Admiral
VICSX Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond Index Admiral Shares Purchase Fee: 0.25%
VIGAX Growth Index Admiral Shares
VIMAX Mid-Cap Index Admiral Shares
VINAX Industrials Index Admiral Shares
VINEX International Explorer
VIPSX Inflation-Protected Securities
VITAX Information Technology Index Admiral Shares
VLCAX Large-Cap Index Admiral Shares
VLGSX Long-Term Government Bond Index Admiral Shares
VLTCX Long-Term Corporate Bond Index Admiral Shares Purchase Fee: 1.00%
VMATX Massachusetts Tax-Exempt
VMBSX Mortgage-Backed Securities Index Admiral Shares
VMGMX Mid-Cap Growth Index Admiral
VMGRX Mid-Cap Growth
VMIAX Materials Index Admiral Shares
VMLTX Limited-Term Tax-Exempt
VMLUX Limited-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VMMSX Emerging Markets Select Stock
VMNFX Market Neutral
VMNVX Global Minimum Volatility Admiral Shares
VMRAX Morgan Growth Admiral Shares
VMRGX Morgan Growth
VMVFX Global Minimum Volatility
VNJTX New Jersey Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VNJUX New Jersey Long-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VNYTX New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VNYUX New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VOHIX Ohio Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VPADX Pacific Stock Index Admiral Shares
VPAIX Pennsylvania Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VPALX Pennsylvania Long-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VPGDX Managed Payout
VQNPX Growth and Income
VSBSX Short-Term Government Bond Index Admiral Shares
VSCGX LifeStrategy Conservative Growth
VSCSX Short-Term Corporate Bond Index Admiral Shares
VSEQX Strategic Equity
VSGAX Small-Cap Growth Index Admiral
VSGBX Short-Term Federal
VSGDX Short-Term Federal Admiral Shares
VSIAX Small-Cap Value Index Admiral
VSIGX Intermediate-Term Government Bond Index Admiral Shares
VSMAX Small-Cap Index Admiral Shares
VSMGX LifeStrategy Moderate Growth
VSTCX Strategic Small-Cap Equity
VTABX Total International Bond Index Admiral Shares
VTAPX Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index Admiral Shares
VTCAX Telecommunication Services Index Admiral Shares
VTCLX Tax-Managed Capital Appreciation Admiral Shares
VTENX Target Retirement 2010
VTHRX Target Retirement 2030
VTIAX Total International Stock Index Admiral Shares
VTINX Target Retirement Income
VTIVX Target Retirement 2045
VTMFX Tax-Managed Balanced Admiral Shares
VTMGX Developed Markets Index Admiral Shares
VTMSX Tax-Managed Small-Cap Admiral Shares
VTRIX International Value
VTSAX Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares
VTTHX Target Retirement 2035
VTTSX Target Retirement 2060
VTTVX Target Retirement 2025
VTWNX Target Retirement 2020
VTWSX Total World Stock Index
VTXVX Target Retirement 2015
VUIAX Utilities Index Admiral Shares
VUSTX Long-Term Treasury
VUSUX Long-Term Treasury Admiral Shares
VUVLX U.S. Value
VVIAX Value Index Admiral Shares
VWAHX High-Yield Tax-Exempt
VWALX High-Yield Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VWEAX High-Yield Corporate Admiral Shares
VWEHX High-Yield Corporate
VWELX Wellington
VWENX Wellington Admiral Shares
VWESX Long-Term Investment-Grade
VWETX Long-Term Investment-Grade Admiral Shares
VWIAX Wellesley Income Admiral Shares
VWIGX International Growth
VWILX International Growth Admiral Shares
VWINX Wellesley Income
VWITX Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt
VWIUX Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VWLTX Long-Term Tax-Exempt
VWLUX Long-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VWNAX Windsor II Admiral Shares
VWNDX Windsor
VWNEX Windsor Admiral Shares
VWNFX Windsor II
VWSTX Short-Term Tax-Exempt
VWSUX Short-Term Tax-Exempt Admiral Shares
VWUAX U.S. Growth Admiral Shares
VWUSX U.S. Growth

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