We track a total of 57 different funds within the VanEck family. VanEck is family of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Symbol Name
AFK Africa Index ETF
ANGL Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF
BBH Biotech ETF
BJK Gaming ETF
BRF Brazil Small-Cap ETF
BUZZ Social Sentiment ETF
CBON China Bond ETF
CRAK Oil Refiners ETF
DAPP Digital Transformation ETF
DURA Morningstar Durable Dividend ETF
EGPT Egypt Index ETF
EINC Energy Income ETF
EMLC J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond ETF
ESPO Video Gaming and eSports ETF
EVX Environmental Services ETF
FLTR Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF
GDX Gold Miners ETF
GDXJ Junior Gold Miners ETF
GLCN China Growth Leaders ETF
GLIN India Growth Leaders ETF
GOAT Morningstar Global Wide Moat ETF
GRNB Green Bond ETF
HAP Natural Resources ETF
HYD High Yield Muni ETF
HYEM Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF
IDX Indonesia Index ETF
IHY International High Yield Bond ETF
ITM Intermediate Muni ETF
LFEQ Long/Flat Trend ETF
MAAX Muni Allocation ETF
MBBB Moody’s Analytics BBB Corporate Bond ETF
MIG Moody’s Analytics IG Corporate Bond ETF
MLN Long Muni ETF
MOAT Morningstar Wide Moat ETF
MOO Agribusiness ETF
MORT Mortgage REIT Income ETF
MOTI Morningstar International Moat ETF
NLR Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF
OIH Oil Services ETF
OUNZ VanEck Merk Gold Trust
PFXF Preferred Securities ex Financials ETF
PPH Pharmaceutical ETF
RAAX Inflation Allocation ETF
REMX Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF
RSX Russia ETF
RSXJ Russia Small-Cap ETF
RTH Retail ETF
SHYD Short High Yield Muni ETF
SMB Short Muni ETF
SMH Semiconductor ETF
SMOG Low Carbon Energy ETF
VNM Vietnam ETF
XMPT CEF Muni Income ETF

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