The S&P 500 High Beta Portfolio fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) within the PowerShares family. There is at least 1 fund that is incredibly highly correlated with SPHB.

Within the PowerShares family of funds, the most positively correlated other funds are Fundamental Pure Mid Growth Portfolio, FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Portfolio, Fundamental Pure Small Growth Portfolio, Fundamental Pure Small Value Portfolio, DWA Basic Materials Momentum Portfolio.

Outside of the PowerShares family, the most positively correlated other funds are SPDR - Global Dow, SPDR - Materials Select Sector Fund, Vanguard Mutual Funds - Capital Value, Vanguard Mutual Funds - Materials Index Admiral Shares, iShares - MSCI ACWI ETF.

Extremely Similar Fund

There is one fund which has a greater than 99% correlation to PowerShares's S&P 500 High Beta Portfolio fund: SPDR - Global Dow. The correlation between their daily movements is 99.1%.

Performance for the previous 2 years

Positively Correlated PowerShares ETFs
PXMG PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Growth Portfolio 98.7%
PRFZ PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Portfolio 97.7%
PXSG PowerShares Fundamental Pure Small Growth Portfolio 97.7%
PXSV PowerShares Fundamental Pure Small Value Portfolio 97.6%
PYZ PowerShares DWA Basic Materials Momentum Portfolio 97.6%
Negatively Correlated PowerShares funds
DGL PowerShares DB Gold Fund -88.1%
DBP PowerShares DB Precious Metals Fund -87.6%
DBS PowerShares DB Silver Fund -84.4%
PSAU PowerShares Global Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio -83.9%
DBA PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund -64.6%

Positively Correlated Non-PowerShares funds
DGT SPDR Global Dow 99.1%
XLB SPDR Materials Select Sector Fund 98.7%
VCVLX Vanguard Mutual Funds Capital Value 98.6%
VMIAX Vanguard Mutual Funds Materials Index Admiral Shares 98.4%
ACWI iShares MSCI ACWI ETF 98.4%
Negatively Correlated Non-PowerShares funds
GLD SPDR Gold Shares -87.5%
IAU iShares Gold Trust -87.4%
SLV iShares Silver Trust -84.0%
RING iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF -82.0%
SLVP iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF -78.0%

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