We track a total of 222 different funds within the Fidelity family. Fidelity is family of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Symbol Name
FADMX Strategic Income Fund
FAGIX Capital & Income Fund
FAMRX Asset Manager 85%
FARMX Agricultural Productivity Fund
FASGX Asset Manager 70%
FASIX Asset Manager 20%
FASMX Asset Manager 50%
FBALX Balanced Fund
FBCVX Blue Chip Value Fund
FBGRX Blue Chip Growth Fund
FBIFX Freedom Index 2040 Investor
FBIOX Select Biotechnology Portfolio
FBMPX Select Communication Services Portfolio*
FBNDX Investment Grade Bond
FBOTX Disruptive Automation Fund
FBSOX Select IT Services Portfolio
FCAEX Climate Action Fund
FCBFX Corporate Bond Fund
FCHPX Municipal Income 2023 Fund
FCNTX Contrafund
FCNVX Conservative Income Bond Fund - Institutional Class
FCONX Conservative Income Bond Fund
FCPEX Small-Cap Enhanced Index Fund
FCPGX Small-Cap Growth Fund
FCPVX Small-Cap Value Fund
FCRDX Conservative Income Municipal Bond Fund
FCSTX California Limited Term Tax-Free Bond Fund
FCTFX California Municipal Income Fund
FCYIX Select Industrials Portfolio
FDCAX Capital Appreciation Fund
FDCPX Select Computers Portfolio
FDEEX Freedom 2055 Fund
FDEGX Growth Strategies Fund
FDEQX Disciplined Equity Fund
FDEWX Freedom Index 2055 Investor
FDFAX Select Consumer Staples Portfolio
FDGFX Dividend Growth Fund
FDGRX Growth Company Fund
FDIVX Diversified International Fund
FDKLX Freedom Index 2060 Investor
FDKVX Freedom 2060 Fund
FDLSX Select Leisure Portfolio
FDMMX Massachusetts Municipal Income Fund
FDSCX Stock Selector Small-Cap Fund
FDSSX Stock Selector All Cap Fund
FDSVX Growth Discovery Fund
FDVLX Value Fund
FEDDX Emerging Markets Discovery Fund
FEMKX Emerging Markets Fund
FEOPX Enduring Opportunities Fund
FEQIX Equity-Income Fund
FEQTX Equity Dividend Income Fund
FFANX Asset Manager 40%
FFEBX Environmental Bond Fund
FFFAX Freedom Income Fund
FFFCX Freedom 2010 Fund
FFFDX Freedom 2020 Fund
FFFEX Freedom 2030 Fund
FFFFX Freedom 2040 Fund
FFFGX Freedom 2045 Fund
FFFHX Freedom 2050 Fund
FFFVX Freedom 2005 Fund
FFGCX Global Commodity Stock Fund
FFIJX Freedom Index 2065 Investor
FFNOX Four-in-One Index Fund
FFRHX Floating Rate High Income Fund
FFSFX Freedom 2065 Fund
FFTHX Freedom 2035 Fund
FFTWX Freedom 2025 Fund
FFVFX Freedom 2015 Fund
FFXSX Limited Term Government Fund
FGBFX Global Credit Fund
FGDFX Disruptors Fund
FGHNX Global High Income Fund
FGILX Global Equity Income Fund
FGOVX Government Income Fund
FGRIX Growth & Income Portfolio Fund
FGRTX Mega-Cap Stock Fund
FHIFX Focused High Income Fund
FHIGX Municipal Income Fund
FHKCX China Region Fund
FHLSX Health Savings Fund
FHSNX Health Savings Index Fund
FICDX Canada Fund
FICNX Connecticut Municipal Income Fund
FIDSX Select Financial Services Portfolio
FIEUX Europe Fund
FIFNX Founders Fund
FIGFX International Growth Fund
FIGRX International Discovery Fund
FIHFX Freedom Index 2035 Investor
FIKFX Freedom Index Income Investor
FIMIX Minnesota Municipal Income Fund
FIMSX Municipal Income 2025 Fund
FIOFX Freedom Index 2045 Investor
FIPFX Freedom Index 2050 Investor
FIREX International Real Estate Fund
FIRMX Managed Retirement Income Fund
FIRNX Simplicity RMD Income Fund
FIRQX Managed Retirement 2010 Fund
FIRRX Simplicity RMD 2010 Fund
FIRSX Managed Retirement 2015 Fund
FIRUX Simplicity RMD 2015 Fund
FIRVX Managed Retirement 2020 Fund
FIRWX Simplicity RMD 2020 Fund
FISMX International Small Cap Fund
FITLX U.S. Sustainability Index Fund
FIUIX Telecom & Utilities Fund
FIVFX International Capital Appreciation Fund
FIVLX International Value Fund
FIXRX Managed Retirement 2025 Fund
FJIFX Freedom Index 2005 Investor
FJPNX Japan Fund
FJRLX Limited Term Bond Fund
FJSCX Japan Smaller Companies Fund
FKIFX Freedom Index 2010 Investor
FLATX Latin America Fund
FLCEX Large-Cap Core Enhanced Index Fund
FLCSX Large-Cap Stock Fund
FLGEX Large-Cap Growth Enhanced Index Fund
FLIFX Freedom Index 2015 Investor
FLOWX Water Sustainability Fund
FLPSX Low-Priced Stock Fund
FLTMX Intermediate Municipal Income Fund
FLVCX Leveraged Company Stock Fund
FLVEX Large-Cap Value Enhanced Index Fund
FMAGX Magellan Fund
FMCSX Mid-Cap Stock Fund
FMEDX Disruptive Medicine Fund
FMEIX Mid-Cap Enhanced Index Fund
FMHTX Michigan Municipal Income Fund
FMILX New Millennium Fund
FMNDX Conservative Income Municipal Bond Fund - Institutional Class
FMRAX Managed Retirement 2030 Fund
FMRHX Simplicity RMD 2025 Fund
FMSDX Multi-Asset Income Fund
FMSFX Mortgage Securities Fund
FNARX Natural Resources Fund
FNCMX Nasdaq Composite Index Fund
FNDSX Sustainability Bond Index Fund
FNETX Disruptive Communication Fund
FNIDX International Sustainability Index Fund
FNILX ZERO Large Cap Index Fund
FNJHX New Jersey Municipal Income Fund
FNMIX New Markets Income Fund
FNORX Nordic Fund
FNSTX Infrastructure Fund
FNTEX Disruptive Finance Fund
FOCPX OTC Portfolio
FOHFX Ohio Municipal Income Fund
FOSFX Overseas Fund
FPBFX Pacific Basin Fund
FPHAX Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio
FPIFX Freedom Index 2020 Investor
FPURX Puritan Fund
FPXTX Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund
FQIFX Freedom Index 2025 Investor
FRESX Real Estate Investment Portfolio
FRIFX Real Estate Income Fund
FSAGX Select Gold Portfolio
FSAHX Short Duration High Income Fund
FSANX Asset Manager 60%
FSAVX Select Automotive Portfolio
FSAZX Arizona Municipal Income Fund
FSCHX Select Chemicals Portfolio
FSCOX International Small Cap Opportunities Fund
FSCPX Select Consumer Discretionary Portfolio
FSCRX Small-Cap Discovery Fund
FSCSX Select Software and IT Services Portfolio
FSDAX Select Defense and Aerospace Portfolio
FSDIX Strategic Dividend & Income Fund
FSDPX Select Materials Portfolio
FSEAX Emerging Asia Fund
FSEBX Sustainability U.S. Equity Fund
FSELX Select Semiconductors Portfolio
FSENX Select Energy Portfolio
FSHBX Short-Term Bond Fund
FSHCX Select Health Care Services Portfolio
FSHOX Select Construction & Housing Portfolio
FSLBX Select Brokerage and Investment Management Portfolio
FSLCX Small-Cap Stock Fund
FSLEX Environment & Alternative Energy Fund
FSLSX Value Strategies Fund
FSLVX Stock Selector Large-Cap Value Fund
FSMEX Select Medical Technology and Devices Portfolio
FSMVX Mid-Cap Value Fund
FSPCX Select Insurance Portfolio
FSPHX Select Health Care Portfolio
FSPTX Select Technology Portfolio
FSRBX Select Banking Portfolio
FSRFX Select Transportation Portfolio
FSRPX Select Retailing Portfolio
FSRRX Strategic Real Return Fund
FSSMX Stock Selector Mid-Cap Fund
FSTCX Select Telecommunications Portfolio
FSTFX Limited Term Municipal Income Fund
FSTGX Intermediate Government Income Fund
FSUTX Select Utilities Portfolio
FSVLX Select Consumer Finance Portfolio
FTABX Tax-Free Bond Fund
FTANX Asset Manager 30%
FTBFX Total Bond Fund
FTEKX Disruptive Technology Fund
FTEMX Total Emerging Markets Fund
FTFMX New York Municipal Income Fund
FTHRX Intermediate Bond
FTIEX Total International Equity Fund
FTQGX Focused Stock Fund
FTRNX Trend Fund
FULVX US Low Volatility Equity Fund
FVDFX Value Discovery Fund
FWOMX Women's Leadership Fund
FWRLX Select Wireless Portfolio
FWWFX Worldwide Fund
FXIFX Freedom Index 2030 Investor
FZILX ZERO International Index Fund
FZIPX ZERO Extended Market Index Fund
FZROX ZERO Total Market Index Fund
SMDMX Maryland Municipal Income Fund
SPHIX High Income Fund

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